April 23-29, 2014

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Elder Care

Combating isolation, hunger, despair for four decades

Meet Helene, who is caring for her elderly mother; Emphers, who doesn't want to be a burden to her children; Walter, who needs help to stay in his own home since losing his eyesight. Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) has been helping thousands of older Philadelphians like them combat hunger, isolation and despair since 1973.

This week, PCA relleased a new, four and a half minute video, "PCA Cares for Seniors," where they, and others who receive PCA services, share their stories.

"The video really goes to the heart of what PCA does," says PCA President and CEO Holly Lange. "Whether it's  doing yoga at a senior center, or using CCT Connect to get to the doctor, or getting help caring for a loved one so she needn't go into a nursing home - all of our services are aimed at improving the lives of older Philadelphians."

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Matchmaker -- putting books and people together


“I love books,” says Edith Kutcher, shaking a head full of blonde curls emphatically. “All books – fiction, biography, archeology, history, art – everything. When I was young, I dreamed of writing a novel for world acclaim.”

While that dream has yet to be fulfilled, this petite 97-year-old says she is more than happy with her current avocation as volunteer librarian at the Raymond and Miriam Klein JCC in Northeast Philadelphia. “Books, books and more books,” she says pointing to a collection that numbers nearly 2,000. “My day is busy with books.”

Asked by a visitor about, “The Art of a Heavy Heart,” which is sitting on her desk, she describes it as having a very involved plot, “but it’s basically a love story. Do you really want me to tell you about the story? Don’t you want to read it?” she asks with a smile.

Kutcher, who is at her post from 8 to 11:30 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays,  has helmed the Klein JCC’s B’nai Jeshurun Library since 1987. She began volunteering there help cope with a stressful time in her life when her both sons were overseas in the armed forces.  

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