March 25-31, 2015

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Elder Care

Putting a stop to elder abuse

Elder abuse affects an estimated in one in 10 people age 60-plus, according to the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA). It includes neglect/self-neglect; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; and financial exploitation. Elders may be victims of more than one form at a time. For every case reported, many more go unreported, experts say. 

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Elder Care

Recognize & report elder abuse

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging offers these tips to help spot common signs of elder abuse:

Signs in the older adult:

Unexplained injuries: bruises, broken bones, burns, abrasions 

Poor hygiene, unusual weight loss or dehydration

Lack of needed glasses, hearing aids or other assistive devices

Over- or under-use of medication

Emotional state: anxious, timid, fearful or depressed

Caregiver signs:

Violence or excessive anger towards the older adult 

Conflicting stories about what is happening with the older person

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