February 10-16, 2016

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Restaurant's key ingredient is love

If you’ve ever wondered how blessings might taste, consider a visit to Linda’s Vegetarian Village.  At this homey restaurant at 6381 Germantown Ave., the condiments include not just sea salt and agave nectar, but good wishes, according to owners, Leo and Linda Smith, both in their 60s. “We buy the best fruits and vegetables available,” Linda said, “but our most important ingredient is love.”

That philosophy seems to find its way from the kitchen to the dining area.  “There’s a good spirit here,” said Monica Young, a customer who’d come to celebrate her birthday, “and Leo’s Southern style beans are slammin’.”

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Wine, chocolate: Heart-healthy?

Wine connoisseurs and chocolate lovers may be on to something.

These foods, once thought to be “guilty pleasures,” may actually be good for your heart. Research indicates there may be health benefits from consuming red wine and dark chocolate.

This is welcome news in time for Valentine’s Day, but moderation is still important.

The alcohol in red wine combined with antioxidants from the red grapes may help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL or “good”) cholesterol and by protecting against artery damage.

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